Hrockin Hranicky Christmas Lights


Frequently asked questions

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    How much money do you raise for charity each year?


    In 2014, we began raising money for Angels Among Us Pet Rescue. Each year we raise anywhere from $400 - $600 along with donated supplies of food, toys, blankets and dog/cat beds. Each year we strive to collect more dollars to help rescue more cats and dogs and help fosters with much needed supplies. We do not use any of the funds donated to run the display. We feel that if our guests donate their hard earned money, it should go in its entirety to the charity.
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    Do you use special lights and equipment?


    Yes. We have a variety of types of lights including RGB technology, incandescence lights (good old fashion lights), rope lights and LED lights. Also combined throughout the display you will find strobe lights, floodlights and laser lights for unique effects.
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    How do you use the computer to synchronize to music?


    We have 38 controllers that each light strand is plugged into one of the channels. We use a program from Light-O-Rama to program the lights to music and when a sequence is completed, it is put into a show and the show sends signals to the controllers for turning on or off the lights in the display..
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    Have you received any recognition or awards for your display?


    Yes, in 2013, we were the Light-O-Rama Category 4 winner - won $539.95 worth of LOR product. Also won the photo contest for Christmas Lights, Etc also winning prize money for more Christmas lights! In 2014, we were recognized in our local "Patch" in an article titled "You Gotta See This: 'Hrockin Hranicky Christmas' Rocks the House". In 2015, we were the highlight in an article called "My Favorite Family Tradition" in the Publix News publication for Publix associates.
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    Where do you store all your decorations?


    Most of the decorations are put into plastic bins and stored in the basement. We installed warehouse type shelves in one whole section of the basement which is dedicated to the indoor and outdoor decorations. Some items are stored under the front deck and also stored on special racks/fixtures in the garage.
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    How can I hear the music?


    We broadcast over an FM transmitter which can be heard in your vehicle on 107.7 FM.
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    When do you begin setting up and how long does it take?


    This is a very interesting question. Normally, when we put up the display or take it down we are already planning what will happen next year. Work on the next years display beginning in July/September.
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    What do your neighbors think of your display?


    It depends on who you ask. Many of our neighbor's don't mind the display. So far we have not received any complaints from any of the neighbor's. Some neighbor's question if the display is going up if we don't begin at a certain time. Sometimes some of the children in the neighborhood come and watch the display going up.
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